The Experience

Inside our Resonant Chambers we experience the harmonic and elemental structure of sound. We feel, hear and even see the waves of vibration as a series of sensory sound environments produced by the SoundStone, Voice Cathedral, Sound Sculptors, Koshi Wave and other specially designed acoustic sound generators. There can be a feeling of sensuality as the waves brush the body creating a feeling of immersion in the layered waves of sound.

violin bubble The Experience

This terrain calls forth a temporary bypassing of the mind, engaging body and heart directly. Along with its transformational potential arise new therapeutic applications for sound, as well as creative forms of workshop style education.

The experience of a granite interior of a Sound Stone

Cross sectional view of the interior of a SoundStone

Our Resonance Chambers, although unlike any other, are in the lineage of caves to cathedrals. They can generate unprecedented experiences that can catalyze new perspectives, deepen understanding of the forces shaping our world, and dissolve boundaries between self and other. These kinds of experiences are the soil of personal change.