Sound Sanctuary

Sound Sanctuary

What is the Sound Sanctuary and what happens inside?

The Resonance Center Sound Sanctuary is a structure designed for ideal propagation of acoustic sound waves. Inside we will offer extraordinary sound and body experiences, workshops, concerts, therapeutics, community, and scientific research.

Why a place like this?

From our evolutionary beginning humans have chosen places of natural resonant sound to draw cave paintings. Drawings often match locations that focus, amplify and transform the sound of human voices and musical instruments, supporting the theory that decorated caves were backdrops for mythic rituals. As civilization moved onward, temples, mosques and cathedrals were built to recreate this kind of sonic experience in service to the spiritual impulse. In the modern era our special acoustic structures are designed primarily for performance, sending amplified sound out to an audience of listening spectators.

Our Sanctuary, optimized for acoustic resonance, is the next frontier in this remarkable lineage. A place solely dedicated to the evocative, therapeutic, and transformational power of sound.

Sound Chamber dome

Additional Elements

There will be a system for adjusting the reverberation characteristics for different needs, a floor that vibrates acoustically for feeling the waves in bones and organs, and a Cymatic system for making the sound visible.

The Instruments

Our musical tools are acoustic in nature and based on ancient origins, while being evolutionary in design. The Sanctuary itself also acts as an instrument. The outcome is a coherent harmonizing effect for your whole system, leading to a series of potential benefits mentioned above.

Ultimately each of us is the primary instrument . . . . . a force of nature expanding.

Four Sound Sanctuaries