Suggested Readings

These suggested readings are either seminal in the field of sound and acoustics or have been useful to us in understanding more deeply the work of bringing sound forward for human benefit.

We have included a few websites at bottom that explore the amazing world of sound.

Didj 1 Suggested Readings


The Third Ear – Joachim – Ernst Berendt 1985
on listening to the world

Water Sound Images – Alexander Lauterwasser 2006

Human Tuning – John Beaulieu  2010

Song of the Spine – June Leslie Wieder  2004

On the Sensations of Tone – Hermann Hemholtz  1954

In Pursuit of Silence – George Prochnik  2011
listening for meaning in a world of noise

Zero Decibels – George Michelsen Foy 2010
the quest for absolute silence

Bridge of Waves – W.A. Mathieu  2010
what music is and how listening to it changes the world

From Mud to Music – Barry Hall 2006

Energy Medicine – James L. Oschman 2000
the scientific basis

The Elements of Music – Jason Martineau  2008
melody, rhythm and harmony

The Healing Power of Sound – Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. 1999
recovery from life threatening illness using sound, voice, and music

The Seventh Dragon – Anita Sullivan  1985
the riddle of equal temperament

The Listening Book – W. A. Mathieu  1991
discovering your own music

Healing Sounds – Jonathan Goldman  1992
the power of harmonics

Animated Earth – Daniel Statnekov  2003
a story of peruvian whistles and transformation

The Divine Proportion – H.E. Huntley  1970
a study in mathematical beauty

 The Golden Ratio – Mario Livio  2002
the story of the phi, the worlds most astonishing number

Music and the Power of Sound – Alain Danelieu  1943
the influence of tuning and interval on consciousness

The Soundscape – R. Murray Schaffer   1977
our sonic environment and the tuning of the world

Websites:– A unique approach to sound healing from Dr. James Hopkins – The website of Barry Hall and unique clay instruments – The website of Alan Tower, our fearless CoFounder