Resonant Space Videos

The following selection of resonance space videos show people interacting organically with a Resonant Dome, an abandoned structure located in Teufelsberg, an hour outside of Berlin, Germany. It is very similar to the one we are developing for the Resonance Center Sound Chamber.  The facility that houses the dome is in poor condition, making access difficult and even hazardous.  Even so hundreds of people visit each year, drawn by the Dome’s amazing acoustic properties.

These are amateur videos taken from the web, shot on low quality equipment.  While the sound quality does not begin to reflect the actual experience of being in one of these spaces, it can give your imagination a starting point.  We do not own the copyrights, and are displaying them here for informational purposes only.

Here Kim Riccelli plays the Hang on his first visit to the dome.  Video was taken by a friend who later uploaded it to YouTube. 

This is an unknown player with a Halo, an instrument inspired by the Hang.  

Several singers explore the dome’s harmonics and then have fun playing with various sound effects.  Notice that after she is done singing, she exclaims how her voice sounds like a whole choir.  Music begins at the 0:25 sec mark.  

A singer exploring her voice in the same dome.  

Bach’s “Chaconne” being performed on the violin.  Music beings at the 0:20 sec mark.  

Although it’s not much of a video, this is a nice illustration of an improvised group vocal interaction.  

This video takes place at the Integratron, in Joshua Tree, CA.  It belongs to the series “In Search of Incredible” by Jason Mraz.  His time inside the Integratron starts at 1:35.  Pay special attention to what he says at 3:14, as he illustrates some of the foundational principles of our work very beautifully.