Voice Cathedral

Kim in Voice Cathedral Resonance CenterVoice Cathedral Resonance Center

Voice Cathedral Resonance Center

The Voice Cathedral experience is based on an ancient system from India – singing all tones in relation to one continuously sounding drone for a special type of singing and listening. It is the relationship of the tone that we are singing to the drone that determines particular feeling state for each individual. It’s a revolutionary tool for singing practice.
We are developing this as a product available for purchase. Models will include a Tabletop version and a Stand version.

 The Voice Cathedral is useful in the following areas:

Fun with Voice, Ear Training Skills Training (fundamentals of harmony), Sound Meditation therapeutics

Who is it designed for?

  1. Voice Departments and music theory teachers, individual use in the home, therapeutics
    (couples and family counseling), Kirtan leaders, Sargam singers (India)
  2. Festivals – human potential movement – yoga of the voice, classes
  3. Profoundly challenged adults and children – government and private programs- calms overactive minds; brings forth a feeling of physical immersion in sound itself
  4. Percussionists and drummers – As a new stand alone rhythm instrument, it allows for creating an acoustic drone with a beat, while making on the fly simple chord changes to independent feet and hand rhythms.

Kim Voice Cathedral Resonance Center

The drone is produced by a Shruti Box invented in India, and reconfigured/adapted by Britian’s Stefan Cartwright (shrutibox.com) We have created a reverb hood for reflecting back the voice more intimately and spaciously. For one, two or three people. An adjustable stand for optimum accessibility completes what is essentially a small personal cathedral for singing, as well as a new tool for percussionists/drummers.

The new unit’s aesthetic beauty makes it appropriate for use in a living room or studio environment.
Both a C and G version are available.


Voice Cathedral

experiences of natural resonance

We are saturated with the noise of life. Our ears are tired. We have rare opportunities to experience the stillness from which we and everything arise. We all are intuitive musicians. It’s part of our DNA. The acoustic reverb chamber enhances this, providing a space for experiencing the natural resonance our ear and body easily recognize and resonate with, when given the opportunity.

Voice Cathedral Resonance Center


“The rediscovery of singing in tune against a drone is the tool that opens the possibility of listening with world ears”

 “The Voice Chamber hatches a new and healthy experience of the vibrational universe”

– W.A. Mathieu, teacher, author of Harmonic Experience and Bridge of Waves


 “The Cathedral brings us back to Source . . . to our start . . .”

– Lumin White, sound and video engineering, Super Resonant applications


“It felt universal somehow, like linking in with something much bigger than me” – H.T.

“My voice keeps getting stronger and more in tune as I spend time inside” – W.S.

“My whole body was vibrating and tingling. It felt cellular” – A.Z.

“Sometimes I just disappear inside the drone, it’s marvelous and fun” – S.C.

“I was touched in a very deep place.– P.T.

“It feels like coming home” – A.G.

“For me it was like an experience of union” – F.R.

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