SoundWave Meditation Set

Imagine a waterfall and the cave-like space behind. The waterfall is our thoughts.
The special restful place behind is what we experience the instant the sound is gone.

SoundWave MeditationSoundWave Meditation Set

SoundWave Instructions
• 1 page for meditators
• 3 pages for teachers and researchers

Custom Clear Crystal Bowl
• Key of D – 6” diameter for portability
• Sound has a a beautiful slow wave with a ring time of up to 1 minute
• Pure harmonic above the D
  (Current state of the art bowl technology is such we cannot guarantee which harmonic.
   Any reasonably low prime ratio harmonic is sonic food for the central nervous system)
• Rubber doughnut included. For longer ring time place directly on wood surface.

We are also developing a beryllium copper tuning fork system to generate the soundwave.

Custom Meditation Bench
• Our bench provides an ergonomic balance for most, putting the pelvis in a neutral position
  such that each inter-vertebral disc has little or no correcting forces being applied to it.
  This helps meditators stay relaxed yet alert for longer periods.
• Double thickness cushion for increased sitting comfort
• Taller for increased foot comfort while not compromising pelvic orientation
• Can be folded flat for portability – friction hinges more stable than other foldable benches
• Cushion Colors – Forest Green, Burgundy (above), Sage (light grey/green)

Custom knee pad
• For meditating on any surface indoors or outdoors
• 3/4” thick – soft but firm
• Size: 24”x 20”

Over time as we become more relaxed and focused, our body starts sitting up straighter, more aligned; the body following the mind.

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