Tenor, Alto and Soprano SoundStones Resonance Center

Tenor, Alto and Soprano Soundstones


Soprano SoundStone by Philipp Friedrich at the Resonance Center

Made by Philipp Friedrich

The Soundstone sits on a resonating base to enhance volume, sustain and tonal quality.

Base made by Pat Bylard of Cajongo Musical Instruments

Harfe SoundStone at the Resonance Center a remarkable instrument of raw polished rock developed in the 1970’s by German sculptor Elmar Daucher. Professor Klaus Fessmann and his son Hannes have evolved it since the early 90’s to a new level of beauty, craftsmanship and singing ability. It is one of the most powerful and effective sound therapy tools in the world today. TRC has the first four stones in the U.S. and currently offers therapeutic Soundstone sessions in our South Pasadena studio.
Half Nature Resonance Center SoundStone

The.blades,.or.lamella, vibrate freely when stroked properly. Water is used to create friction between the stone and different parts of the skin of the hands, bringing out a low and high tone for each lamella (blade). Advanced players have access to even more tones. A crystal bowl has one tone. A Soundstone has two tones for each blade, and so has 24 tones for our 12 blade stone below. These tones interact with each creating a complex pulsing vibration that goes beyond the ear to affect the organs and bones. The Soundstone in many ways redefines musical categories and the concept of modulation of key centers.

Alan Tower with SoundStone at the Resonance CenterStoneart SoundStone at the Resonance Center
The Soundstone is the memory of millions of years of the deep earth unleashed for singing/vibrating in our modern physical world. Gabbro (related to granite) from India is currently used almost exclusively by the makers for its vibrational qualities, though new singing granite is being discovered by the makers – from China called Phonolithe and a new type of Serpentine from Sweden. Gabbro is a medium or coarse-grained rock that consists primarily of plagioclase feldspar and pyroxene, chemically equivalent to basalt.

Response from chiropractor Dr. James Hopkins to a Soundstone session: “Utterly and completely astonishing on all levels. I don’t quite know where to begin with words. Absolutely off the charts. What you have invented here is the future of healing, the future of sound. It’s incredible what comes out of these remarkable tools.The Soundstone is an intergalactic multi-dimensional tool. It’s paradigm shifting. You go beyond trying to figure it out or understand. The whole thing was just mind blowing, what you are doing is an incredible service to mankind.”

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Alan Tower Sound Treatment at the Resonance Center

The Resonance Center is the US Representative for the German makers of the Soundstones.
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