Sound Sculptors

Assembled Sound Sculptors

Forks for Sound SculptorsHandles for Sound Sculptors

Deliver 3D acoustic sound directly into the ears. In 4-6 minutes, they create an experience of beauty and silence for clearing the mind, releasing stress and feeling part of a larger life than oneself.

Sound Sculptor in Practice

For Sound Practitioners these are portable tools that are fun, creative and musical, providing recalibrating restorative experiences for clients. Use as an individual treatment or for creating a grounding experience to build upon for any session. Video coming.

For Musicians these are cool new sounds for incorporating into projects. The Sculptors also provide a creative way to bridge the inherent gap between an artist and audience member, through a direct intimate offering from one person to another. Audio Coming.

The Principle
Our Integrated Fork Arrays are an innovation based on Pythagorean math, creating a family of tones as mathematically related to each other as they are to the Tonic (ground tone). This creates a vibrational coherence that acts like sonic food for the central nervous system. The approach also effortlessly deposits people behind the thought layer similar to a meditative experience.

Stereo Handles – COST
Fork Arrays (Timeless & Contemplative) – COST
Each handle is designed to hold one fork array in D (6 tuning forks)

This makes available four different chords of tones/harmonics that all are in deep resonance with each other for fun, beauty, creativity, rejuvenation and affinity.

Handles may be purchased separately.

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Sound Sculptors – Principles

The Sculptors disrupt the patterns of our mind with a three dimensional sonic elegance, softly drawing us to follow the vibrations as they slowly dissolve into silence, to stillness. For a few moments we hear the sound behind the sound. We feel the presence of something deep and different.
Our body interprets the tones as a kind of food for the central nervous system. They are designed to feed off each other vibrationally, with the nutrients being generated from mathematical resonance based on nature’a harmonic series – remarkably the same spiral shape as the Cochlea. This shape is unique to mammals.

Cochlea Spiral

Resonance System
Each tone in our Resonance tuning system is generated as a multiple of the pure fifth or pure third or in combinations (the fifth of the third, the fifth of the fifth etc.) While the tones are often low prime ratios (3/2, 5/4, 4/3, 9/8 . . . ), the operating principle is that for any chosen scale each tone is as mathematically related to all its sister tones as it is to the tonic, or fundamental. This system was developed by Mark Deutsch for his instrument the Bazantar, a scintillating new instrument gaining attention worldwide.

Meditation Tool
The Sculptors are excellent for effortlessly exposing people to what a deep meditation feels like. A person then has this experience as a reference point for bringing to a new practice. The tones are carefully sculpted into a person’s ears (see video). It’s quite fun and fulfilling to learn how to create an arc of experience for yourself or for a friend.

For Musicians
In the hands of a musician the Sculptors provide exciting new sounds and directions to explore. Sounds of the Unseen by Source is an album that focuses on the Sculptors and individual forks for creating beautiful chords and melodies of tuning fork vibrations.

Contact Alan Tower for a copy of the album: