The Samalan

Samalan | Copper Beryllium Rods on a resonating chamber

The Samalan Experience

The Samalan is an elemental force of nature for recalibrating the central nervous system and altering our sense of time, self and silence. The chamber provides an omni-directional sonic experience designed for up to three people at once. Boundaries are dissolved allowing recipients to rest as awareness itself.

The instrument is made of a choir of special alloy rods and a resonating chamber.
The choir of rods is comprised of a unique alloy whose fulcrum element propagates sound 40x faster than sound moves through the air.
Different size chambers hold between 1-3 people for an acoustic surround sound experience.

Samalan Meditation Session

Playing the Samalan feels like painting with sound.

Kim Riccelli playing the samalan

Miraculous” – Brad Jacobs, M.D.

The Samalan is a sonic entheogen, but physically restorative. A marvel of acoustic technology.
Dr. Colbey Forman

It felt like the matrix of all creation was being accessed for my benefit.
Vaughn DeSpenza, Music Producer/Studio Design

The Samalan sounds like a film score to the blueprint of existence but you’re in it.
And it’s a part of you.

Brendan Camacho, Director, Awakenings Center

Fabric bow on Samalan


The Samalan’s tonality is unique among instruments in that it falls into the central Green area below, which is at the confluence of the three forms of musical sound in the world today. While its foundation is Elemental Harmony, it has a harmonic coherence similar to Proportional Harmony along with our use of different rod lengths for bass variety (Proportional Harmony).
Our fabric bow is ideal for modulating key centers and bringing out melody notes and chords our ear wants to hear (Tempered Harmony).


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Samalan in an Abbey