TRC Soundscape Tools

• Fun and delight with sound
Restorative, regenerative, recalibrating experiences
Feelings of connection with something larger than oneself
Quick initial access to meditative experience
Sonic Massage for tissue, bones and organs
Facilitates nonverbal social bonds
Releasing of anxiety, peacefulness, tranquility

IMG_1615 fix B 440x330
Water cymatics in the top of a Halo handpan

Design Principles

To produce these benefits the following principles inform everything we develop, from our portable soundscape tools, to garden & indoor Installations, to our Sound Spa and resonant Chambers (designed as sonic wonders of the world . . . ).

1. Magical sounds – Designed to be compelling for almost anyone, contributing to sound coming forward as a real tool for benefiting people’s lives on a daily basis.

2.  Acoustic amplification – We design small to very large resonant chambers that take the place of microphones and speakers.  The goal is a full sonic experience for individuals and large groups without the need for 60Hz electricity, which can act as an undesirable filter between sound as source vibration and our central nervous system.

3. Immersion – Surround sound
Our goal is to go beyond the common experience of music & sound coming at us flat from one direction, through an omni-directional immersion approach for helping efficiently shift brain wave states from Alpha/Beta to Theta, facilitating many of the benefits above. This occurs when we maximize the intersection of resonance and reverberation in a 3D field.

4. Accessibility – Our sound tools help create experiences that most anyone can safely and easily learn to deliver to friends and loved ones for fun and connection, as well as provide the potential for therapeutic outcomes.

5. Creativity – Our tools and resonant environments are designed to foster this essential part of a full life.

6. Safety – Our ears and body are sensitive to volume, timbre and attack. Our experiences and environments are designed with this in mind.  Because all sounds are acoustically generated, we became more aware of the true power of direct unmediated sound waves. We teach simple ways to ensure a safe experience for yourself and others.

7. Physicality – Delivering waves to tissue, bones and organs provides sonic massage, while enhancing the feeling of full immersion and expanding the potential for an unprecedented experience.

8. Architecture of Tonality – In designing our tonal Soundscapes we exclusively use Proportional and Elemental Harmony, based on the physics of harmonics/geometry of nature, along with exploring the intersecting gradient between these vibrational fields.  This is in place of Tempered Harmony, the 17th century man-made tonal system which structures most all our musical hearing in the modern world. (More information about this fascinating story and our proposal for unifying the worlds three core systems of harmony at – article and charts under Knowledge – Tonality )

Lastly, but certainly not least, our work encourages and facilitates people resting in the sound behind the sound . . . . in the primordial silence behind our mind chatter, with all the accompanying benefits listed above.