The Architecture of Tonality Chart

AOT Chart

The addition of Elemental Harmony (EH) to the Proportional Harmony (PH) and Tempered Harmony (TH) tonal systems creates a balanced and integrative triangular relationship. The three fields of resonance unified here as One Harmony, represented by the black background.

Seeing the three systems of harmony (blue, red and gold) as fields that naturally overlap, creates new openings and pathways for exploration by a variety of musicians and practitioners.

Purple is the intersection of Proportional Harmony (PH) with Elemental Harmony (EH).
Orange is the intersection of Proportional Harmony (PH) with Tempered Harmony (TH).
Grey is the intersection of Elemental Harmony (EH) with Tempered Harmony (TH).
An accompanying chart has stories about current instrument inventors and musicians revealing both their intended and unintended explorations around the intersecting fields of harmony represented by the purple, orange and grey areas.

The light green area in the middle indicates the space where all three fields touch. Which instruments have elements of all three fields in their makeup? What new sound and musical approaches open up through the use of this new lens?

Who Might Benefit from One Harmony?

Learn the harmony story behind your music.
Enhance tonal beauty of your instrument.
Experience natural resonance of your voice in new ways.
Provides a tool for expanding overall musicianship.

Music/Voice Teachers
A tool for revealing the larger story of harmony.
Develop new ways of exciting students.
Offer students new sound and music forms to appreciate.
Provides new options for teaching students of voice.

Health & Therapeutic Practitioners
New pathways for cellular health and harmony.
Opens new research and therapeutic directions.
Offers new sound meditative techniques.

Instrument Makers
Opens up new possibilities for adapting existing instruments, or creating hybrids.

Music Lovers
Calls forth a new aesthetic; new musical sounds and forms.
Could bring about more beautiful music in the world through its focus on fields of harmony and the intercultural.

Conceptual Framework
Mediates the historical competition between Tempered Harmony and Proportional Harmony by adding Elemental Harmony, for a more integrative map of resonance.

World Cultures
Offers a global integration and cultural respect through both a metaphorical and literal activation of these principles.

Find the right music for what your nervous system is in need of.
This is work in progress towards providing guidance in the choice of music and sounds for a desired benefit.