Resonant Spaces

Humans have been creating resonant spaces to harness the power of sound for a very long time. There are innumerable examples of temples, pyramids, cathedrals, churches, and mosques designed to harness sound in the form of song, mantra and prayer, in service to the human impulse to connect more deeply to ourselves and our reality.

Resonant Spaces and Sound Chambers Shea Trahan

In our modern era, we have devoted an enormous amount of planning and resources to producing resonant spaces.  These include concert halls, auditoriums, museums, and installations. This is generally about projecting sound outwards to an audience. We are also very interested in creating group participatory environments which is a different design approach.

Below is a link to a PDF document created by our aural architect Shea Trahan as an exploration of some of the world’s most unique sonic structures.

Examples of Resonant Spaces Worldwide.pdf