Team Bios

Shea Michael Trahan

Aural Architect

Shea Michael Trahan Resonance Center Team Bios

Associate AIA, LEED AP

Shea is designing our concert halls and sound chambers for optimum acoustics and interior/exterior beauty.

Shea has been involved in the study and practice of architecture for 13 years. He holds a BS in Architecture from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a Masters from the Tulane School of Architecture. Between academic ventures, Shea practiced architecture in Dallas, New Orleans, and Lafayette, Louisiana. His thesis is entitled Resonant Form: The Convergence of Sound and Space.

Shea’s interest in the sonic implications of the built environment stems from a background of musical exploration as well as a long standing interest in the power of sound in mystical experience. Through focused travel and design explorations he is building a body of knowledge pertaining to the acoustic effects of formal and material manifestations of architecture. Further, his research focuses on the potential affect said manifestations may have on human sensory perception.

Michael Olexo

Architect & Landscape Architect

Michael Olexo Resonance Center Team Bios

Licensed Architect and Landscape Architect

Michael develops our site plans, infrastructure and landscape design. He also provides expertise in green development and applications.

The question that has driven my practice as a Landscape Architect and Architect in the SF Bay Area for the last 30 years, has been whether a client and I can collaboratively challenge our limits. Among our achievements:
- Build a beautiful house/studio with minimal resources (Studio/Residence for sculptor Ned Kahn - Sebastopol, Studio/Residence for sculptor Wang Po Shu - Berkeley, Studio/Residence for Painter Mark Roller - SF, Studio/Residence for Michael Shemchuk - Albany).
- Create an inviting and healthy working environment in a lightless basement (Offices for the arts program Hospitality House - SF, Offices for the San Francisco Arts Commission - SF).
- Make a moveable museum with lumber harvested from the watershed they are trying to save Clavey River Trust, keep intact failing historical buildings while modernizing them completely from within (Mono Lake Committee -Lee Vining, Slide Ranch Preserve - Muir Beach).
- Direct all the water on a 3 acre site to two 10,000 gallon underground tanks to provide the landscape's water for 6 months of summer drought (McCarthy Estate - Woodside).
- Remove 300 LF of culvert and restore a creek to control flooding (Dyer Estate - Atherton).
- Without professional labor, build a sylvan park (Michelangelo Park, SF).
- Make an environmental park that is also a playground for school children speaking 64 different native languages (Tule Elk Park).
- Establish a native landscape that is accessible for all on an impossibly steep urban site (Park Visitacion Valley - SF).

Hoyt H. Cousins

Architect, Installation Illustrations

Hoyt Cousins
Hoyt H. Cousins is principal of an architectural office in Boston, and for three decades has been practicing graphica and architecture, town design, and resort planning. He earned a Masters in Architecture from Harvard University and has taught architectural history and studio design at the University of Colorado, Harvard School of Design, Brigham Young University, Boston College, Weber State University, and Boston Architectural College. He served on the Board of Directors of CNU / Colorado Chapter, was elected to a town Planning Commission, and held the positions of Director of Development for the Sundance Resort, and Director of Planning for the Canyons Resort in Utah.

Projects in California, Boston, Vancouver, South Carolina, and Nevada have included resort villages, mixed use and town center settings, residential neighborhoods, affordable housing, apartment buildings, live-work row houses, office buildings, and alpine recreation design. Cost and feasibility analysis, project management, entitlements, design codes, and architectural pattern books have been carried out for all major planning commissions.

Kim Hix

Artist, Renderings, C&C

Kim Hix Resonance Center Team Bios

Kim provides visual design for our sound structures and designed the improved second generation of our Voice Cathedral

Kim Hix is an award winning art director and designer in the Film Industry. He received an Emmy for an Aaron Spelling show called Buddy Faro, starring Dennis Farina. He designed and built Wisteria Lane for Desperate Housewives, and other sets for such shows as Tombstone with Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer as well as Flipper with Elijah Wood and Paul Hogan, along with nine episode series for National Geographic creating authentic First Century villages, boats and life on location in Turkey. 

His background includes work with the Exploratorium in San Francisco; developing interactive kinetic tools to explore visual, aural and tactile phenomena in science and art. His book on Geo-Dynamics was the basis for developing a collection of such devices as Gravity Corner, Corridors of Infinity, Kaleidoscopic Light Harp, Prismatic Dancing Walls and Face Spacer Mirrors. All these were included in an educational roadshow called Explore, Experience and Experiment with Kim Hix. He is passionate about green economics, postmodern spirituality, feminism and the ability of art to revolutionize consciousness.

Jason K. Norris

Musician, Sound Practitioner

Jason K. Norris Resonance Center Team Bios

Jason K. Norris, PhD(c) provides a strong sense of vision and communication, while being an accomplished musician and sound healer. HIs article, "The Power of Sound", provides an excellent theoretcial and pratical frame for TRC and can be found on the website.

Founder of Lucid Drum and on staff at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), Jason holds the vision of developing a world-renowned sound and consciousness research exploratorium that integrates eco-social sustainability with sonic design. He is a life-long musician and researcher of consciousness who works with vibrational medicine using sound and rhythm, focusing on the transformative effects of entrainment (i.e., when one moving rhythm matches another moving rhythm).

His training is in Psychology and Consciousness Studies, specializing in Dream Work and Sonic Therapies. Jason is currently a doctoral candidate with the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) researching "rhythm psychology" and "sonic mysticism" within various cross-cultural, spiritual traditions. His dissertation articulates a transdisciplinary theory of rhythm entrainment that can be applied as an embodied, participatory practice in everyday life. For further information, and

Ken Buckowski

Recording Engineer & Sound Design

Ken Buckowski Resonance Center Team Bios
Ken provides research recordings in tunnels, investigates cymatic visual display solutions and will be a key player in developing sound installations.

Ken is the owner and president of Studio Spectrum, a full service audio and visual company serving the Los Angeles area for the past 35 years. His company has become one of the industry leaders in providing government, education, religious, corporate and independent producers with all that is needed to participate fully in successful video, internet and multi-media strategies for their enterprises.

Today Studio Spectrum is at the forefront of the Internet revolution. Ken's partners with Studio Spectrum in developing the content and technology for the Internet have included Sony, Disney, Warner Bros., Time-Warner, Matrox and Play Inc. His work also includes pro bono efforts for a variety of causes including the disaster in Haiti.

Bob Giannini

Architect, TRC Future Campus

Bob Giannini Resonance Center Team Bios

Bob and his firm Form4 provided the 3-D architectural model of the ultimate TRC vision. See Form4 website.

Bob Giannini brings more than 34 years of successful architectural experience to his role as co-founder and managing principal of Form4 Architecture. On a day-to-day basis, Bob works directly with the firm’s clients and stakeholders to ensure utmost project consistency and care.During the course of his career, Bob has been responsible for overseeing numerous projects worldwide, including corporate campuses for Netflix, World Savings Bank, First Nationwide and Oral-B, and fitness resorts for Pacific Sports Resort Redwood Shores, Carmel Valley Club Courtside Club Los Gatos, and Bay Club Marin. Committed to sustainable design, Bob has presented the firm’s work in lectures at Stanford University, the Pacific Energy Center, and the US Green Building Council. He has also ensured that the firm’s work is consistently recognized for design excellence by the American Institute of Architects, among others institutions.

Bob began his professional career in 1973 as an associate designer at DES Architects + Engineers, where he was named a principal in 1985. During his tenure at DES, he received numerous awards including an AIA Merit Award for his work on the Apple Computer campus. In 1997, Bob relocated to Dowler-Gruman Architects as a principal before co-founding Form4 in 1998. Bob received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley and holds a national registration with the National Council of Architects Registration Board. He is a registered architect in the state of California and Texas and is NCARB Certified.

John Marx

3D Model of TRC Future Campus

John Marx Resonance Center Team Bios

John created the 3-D architectual model of the ulitmate TRC vision. See Vision - Future

John Marx is responsible for developing Form4 Architecture’s design vision and language in his role as design principal. His deep concern for listening to clients’ needs, coupled with his belief in creating designs of the highest quality and thoughtfulness, has led to many successful collaborations for the firm. John has designed more than 150 buildings in 11 different countries around the world. He has expertise working on a diverse range of complex building types, including corporate campuses, fitness facilities, civic and mixed-use buildings, retail and hospitality projects.

John is the recipient of numerous international design competitions and awards, including an AIA Justice National Design Citation for the Klamath County Courthouse; First Place in 2D Graphics at the Bay Area Computer Graphics Exhibit for Globo; and a BACA 9th Annual Exhibition Award of Distinction. John’s design work has been published in numerous national and international publications, including Architectural Record, Space Magazine, Arts and Architecture, and Computer Graphics World. His first book, Wandering the Garden of Technology and Passion (Balcony Press, 2012), is a study of digital design that explores two decades of his international and national design work.

Cjay Roughgarden

Vision and Admin Support

Cjay Roughgarden Resonance Center Team Bios

Cjay provides research on a variety of topics as well as editing and marketing for TRC

Cjay Roughgarden supports the work of SoundRevolution with research in the areas of cymatics, sound therapies, marketing and editing. She has been assisting one of the founder’s, Alan Tower, for many years beginning with his work leading Green Music Network in the SF Bay area. As a sonic explorer she experiments with instruments, voice, and the effect of noise on states of being. 

Outside of this work she helps creative teams through research, writing, and aggregating information on original topics. She also loves helping people and organizations effectively communicate their visions. To balance the intellectual with the tangible, she caters at festivals and other events, with a vision that nourishing the body should be both an organic and delicious event. In her spare time she enjoys freediving, adventure, tea and engaging conversations.

Steve Nechodom

Webmaster & Sound Tool Design

Steve Nechodom | The Resonance Center Team Bios

Steve is the Web Developer for

A long time friend of Alan Tower, Steve has been a guitarist for over 5 decades and a didge player for about half of that. Alan and Steve have performed together in the Cave Concerts at the Hawk Hill Tunnel above the Golden Gate Bridge. Son of an opera singer and a physicist, the genes express themselves in his eclectic life and lifestyle. He has been a professional glassblower since 1990, but his day job and first love is as a mechanic. Steve owns Karmakanix, a large independent VW, Audi and Porsche garage in Berkeley, California.

Steve has been assisting Kim Ricelli with the fine art and tweek of Website Tuning. Kim and Alan are the major force behind, and Steve is the guy behind the curtain making sure that it all works right and looks good.

In addition to feeding the inner geek by doing web development, Steve has a lengthy list of backgrounds and interests. He holds degrees ranging from physics and music, to naturopathic medicine and psychology; but was mostly educated in the school of hard knocks. Many decades of sailing and rock climbing have given Steve the attitude that anything can be done, carefully. Please peruse

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Anurag Gupta

Business Consultant

Anurag nowhite

Anurag is the leader of The Difference Engine and a speaker, trainer, business architect, coach, consultant and business philosopher. He is renowned for his work in bringing together and applying the disciplines of human potential and development, sophisticated business strategy and brand development. Over the past ten years he has worked on four continents with over 30,000 people in human development, and spent 7 years developing breakthrough approaches in organizational culture and performance. His work has been groundbreaking, leading to award winning, international successes (including two Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards won by clients). As an example, his work has included co-designing and developing the culture and growth strategies for LuluLemon. His areas of expertise are developing culture, organizational architecture, high performance strategy, branding, marketing and sales, skills that have been powerfully applied and delivered results. While able to generate focused and specific interventions, his best work is developing full spectrum designs producing exceptional financial performance, high integrity and productivity operations, empowering highly responsible cultures and powerful CSR.