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Kim Riccelli

Founder, The Resonance Center

Kim Riccelli Resonance Center Partner Bios

Kim Riccelli was born into a family of artists and entertainment professionals. Being that some of his earliest memories are of being on set, it seemed natural that after receiving his education from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television, Kim began his career as a filmmaker. He has enjoyed taking on many roles, including directing, writing, acting and producing, and participated in the making of several prominent feature films and television programs produced and shown all over the world. Kim's lifelong passion for music came to fruition when he acquired the newly created musical instrument known as the Hang. He became a proficient and original player, being invited to perform throughout the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and Brazil, and receiving overwhelmingly positive response. He has always be fascinated by resonant spaces, and originated the idea of creating a center dedicated to Sound after having a series of life-altering experiences in a variety of natural and man-made spaces throughout the world. In all of his projects, Kim's intention is always to inspire peace, harmony, and transformation.

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Alan Tower

Founder, The Resonance Center


Alan's passion for sound began with early years on piano, leading to 20 years composing for solo acoustic fingerstyle and Hedges inspired tapping guitar. In 1991 a hand injury shifted his work from guitar to unusual instruments of resonance - Huaca, a three chambered clay flute with split mouthpiece - Hang, a remarkable new sound floating amidst steel pan and gamelan - the SoundStone, singing granite that redefines musical categories, and Didjeridu. These instruments can be heard on a dozen original CD's on three labels.

AT has collaborated with numerous world music luminaries including Stephen Kent, Matthew Montfort, Michael Smolens and Jai Uttal. In 2003 he launched Green Music Network, known for their Cave Concerts, and now works full time with partner Kim Riccelli developing Kwalia tools, environments and programs to unleash the power of sound for enhancing life. He launched his sound therapy program, One Harmony in the spring of 2012 (under Services). His teachers have included Roger Bourland, Mark Deutsch and W.A. Mathieu.

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