About Us

We are a team from the US and Brazil with a passion for acoustic sound and bringing it forward in fresh ways to enhance people’s lives. We have had and witnessed many remarkable experiences with sound, leaving us with a deeper appreciation of ourselves,¬†others, and for being human.

As a result, we are developing highly resonant acoustic chambers, installation environments and portable Soundscape tools to provide this kind of opportunity for others.

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Water Sound Image by Alexander Lauterwasser

Why are there are no sound samples on this website?
Our soundscape tools and environments provide unique experiences of resonance and spatiality (the atmosphere created by the shifting position of the sound source). Being three dimensional and acoustic means they are simply too immersive and nuanced for recordings to reproduce.¬† In an age where listening is often reduced to poor-quality mp3’s heard on tiny ear buds, we offer the richness of the kind of listening that occurs in unprecedented sound environments. In pairs and groups this can provide the benefit of an expanding awareness of ourselves and each other, for a fuller more participatory experience of life.