The Resonance Center

Sound is life

We use it to communicate, to express ourselves,
to play, to inspire, to facilitate healing, to unify.

Throughout early history humans tapped into sound’s power to experience life in new ways, and presently
sound is making a comeback as a deep resource for enhancing our lives.

The Resonance Center Future Sound Chamber

We are excited to be a part of this renaissance, and are developing
a Sound Sanctuary, which incorporates a Sonic Chamber, Sound Spa, Garden/Indoor installations and
a series of portable Soundscape tools for providing
breakthrough individual
and group experiences of resonance.

The Chamber will be the next frontier in the long human lineage of exploring and developing resonant spaces, from caves to cathedrals.

Our environments, products and vision can open a new direction for sound
as a powerful, fun, and natural modality for improving life.

Interior Sound Chamber Home The Resonance Center

We invite you to spend time with the information on this site and make contact if you would like to join us in bringing this vision into being.

At this moment in time we are most interested in training practitioners, and in working with those who
want to support this work by getting involved as a loaner, donor, or investor.

How can sound serve you?

Alan Tower, Kim Riccelli

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